this table should be filled with tr's

Some tv

  1. An older try.
  2. A 'control' with labeled checkboxen.
  3. A 'vulin' with dynamicaly tv data.
  4. A 'data' with some data.
  5. A 'clock' wich should be in MET :)
  6. A 'init' with update_clock(); fill_control();
  7. A 'check_control' wich should run when clicking the 'show' button
  8. enzovoorts enzovoorts tot we een mozperldompgautomagische tvgids hebben.

/XML/prut follows:

About this page:

This page should create a dynamic view on a piece of html. You probably need a mozilla to do anything usefull. When the page has loaded it will clone and insert a table above this one. Hope it works for you.